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Still renting your credit card machine?

Paying over $50 a month for a terminal with a long term rental agreement?

Free Credit Card Machines from bankcard club

Many of the merchants who switch to bankcard club have been locked into these deals. bankcard club doesn't believe that long term rental agreements are the best way to get a credit card machine. That is why we offer free loaner credit card machines. Our merchants enjoy our best credit card machines without paying a monthly fee. Many of our terminals are loaned for free, such as the Hypercom T7Plus or the Verifone VX510LE, without deposit. Some mobile models require a depositm, like the Verifone VX610 GPRS. Some of our mobile terminals are free to keep. One thing is certain, when it comes to credit card terminals, there are more cost effective options available to merchants.

Don't get caught in a long-term rental.

In some cases merchants have agreed to 5 year rentals, paying up to $95 a month for state of the art terminals. In the end costing merchants nearly $6,000 for a terminal that likely would cost under $400. End the monthly rental payments. The only monthly payment to operate a merchant account should be for those services.

We also offer mobile terminals that are completely free with an account:

Here are the terminals we lend out at no additional cost with an account:

Here are the mobile terminals we lend out with a security deposit with an account:

Take advantage of our loaner terminal program.

Making merchant accounts more affordable is our mission. We are certain that we can save you money on your credit card processing. So certain that we are willing to give a two month trial to earn your business.

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